The schedule and outlines of this section have been used by the author in a 32 week RCIA classes. They track the Catechism and use Peter Kreeft's book Catholic Christianity as the textbook. The organization of the classes is as below, with a schedule and outlines for classes 2 – 31 included on this website. The liturgies surrounding the entrance into the Church (e.g., the Rite of Acceptance, the Rites of Sending and Election, and the Scrutinies) and their explanations would be added into the sessions as the liturgical season calls for them.

I. Introduction – Week 1 (schedule handed out)

II. The Faith and the Creed – Weeks 2-9

Week 2 – Faith, Reason, and Our Desire for God

Week 3 - God in Himself and the Need for Revelation (two outlines)

Week 4 - The Goodness of Creation and Mankind in the Image of God; The Fall and Human Sin

Week 5- 6 - Jesus Christ: True God and True Man, The Paschal Mystery and Redemption

Week 7 – The Holy Spirit; The Forgiveness of Sins (two outlines)

Week 9 - The Resurrection of the Body and Life Everlasting; Angels and Saints

III. The Sacraments and the Liturgy – Weeks 10-17

Week 10 – Catholic Liturgy: An Introduction and a Sense of Mystery

Week 11 – Catholic Liturgy: The Sacramental System

Week 12 – Baptism and Confirmation: Rebirth and Strength

Week 13 – The Eucharist and the Mass

Week 14 – Tour of the Church and Explanation of the Liturgical Books, Vestments, and Other Items (no outline)

Week 15 – The Sacrament of Matrimony

Week 16 – The Sacrament of Holy Orders and Religious Orders in the Church

Week 17 - The Sacraments of Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick

IV. Morals and Life in Christ – Weeks 18-25

Week 18 – Fundamental Principals of Morality: Human Nature, Virtues and Vices

Week 19 – Fundamental Principals of Morality: Truth, Conscience, and Law

Week 20 – The First Three Commandments: Faith, Hope and Love

Week 21 – The Fourth Commandment and the Human Family

Week 22 – The Fifth Commandment and the Culture of Life

Week 23 – The Sixth and Ninth Commandments: Purity, Truth and Love

Week 24 – The Seventh and Tenth Commandments: Property and Economic Justice

V. Spirituality and The Prayer Life – Weeks 26-30

Week 26 - Review of the Easter Vigil and Holy Week; The Church Calendar in General (see outline 10)

Week 27-28 - The Life of Prayer, Types of Prayer, and Some of the Devotions of the Church

VI. Conclusion – Weeks 31-32

Week 31 - Life in the Parish and Catholic Culture and Organizations; Some Good resources (list of resources written for the Arlington Diocese; should be adapted according to one's location)

Week 32 – Concluding Reception (no outline)