I. The pilgrim psalms, i.e., psalms 120-134, appear as a group in the Book of Psalms, each containing the heading "psalm of ascent."

II. Psalms 120-122 focus on a movement away from isolation amidst enemies to unity among those who worship the Lord in Jerusalem.

III. Psalms 123 to 126:3 focus on God's providential care of His people, especially in the midst of opposing forces.

IV. Psalms 126:4 - 128 then focus primarily on domestic scenes, such as those of the city, the home, work and farming.

V. Psalms 129 - 131 focus on God's righteousness, mercy, and blessings for those who are humble before Him.

- The psalm begins by calling for God's help again, but this time in the context of mercy.

VI. Psalms 132-134 then conclude the pilgrim psalms with reflections on Jerusalem, The Temple, and the Ark of the Covenant. It ends with positive scenes of the people of God together in worship.

- The first ten verses contain an appeal for help, based upon God's promises to David.

- This psalm stands in dramatic contrast to the isolation of psalm 120.

- The pilgrim psalms thus end with a unified people at rest praising God night and day.