I. The Prologue summarizes the themes of the Gospel in a combined poetic and prose fashion, showing Jesus (the Word, the Life, the Light, and the Son) as the creator of the old creation and the one through whom we enter a new glorified creation.

II. Thus, the first verse refers to the Word, who is with God and is God. The prologue ends by referring in verse 18 to the Son, who alone is at the Father's side and able to reveal Him. Part of the idea is that we express ourselves through our words. God created initially through words (e.g., God said , "Let there be light,") which expressed His creative goodness, but only partially. The Old Testament indicates the power of God's word, although never so plainly revealing the Word as being the source of all the creation. See Psalm 33:6, 107:20; Wis. 18:15; Is. 55:10-11 Jer. 4:1-11. The Son is the perfect expression of God's goodness, and in Jesus, the Son become Man, God reveals that goodness as much as we can receive it. See also Rev. 19:13. The Gospel will expand on this theme, as Jesus reveals Himself to be one with the Father. See John 8:58; 10:30, 14:10.

III.. By using the phrase "in the beginning" the first two verses also refer back to Genesis 1 and indicate that the world was created in the Word and that the same Word will bring about a new creation, higher than the old. Verse 3 then picks up on this theme by saying that all things came to be through the Word.

IV. Verses 4 and 5 then build upon this notion of creation by specifying the central themes of light and life and this light shining through darkness.

V. Verses 6-8 then describe the ministry of John the Baptist, although He is identified only as John.

VI. Verses 9-11 then describes the creative light coming into the world, as well as the opposition and ignorance His presence would meet.

VII. Verses 12-13 then describe those who, in contrast to the darkness of the world or people who do not accept Christ, receive Him and become children of God.

A. In the text, believing the Word, the Light, and accepting Him surround the gift of becoming children of God.