The following outlines were used in a Bible study on the Book of Genesis that Fr. Horkan taught in the years 2009-2010 at St. Rita parish. They use insights from many different sources, including D. Leon Kaas' 2003 book The Beginning of Wisdom (which was the inspiration for the title of the classes), the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture series published by InterVarsity Press, the Navarre Bible Series volume on the Pentateuch, the New Jerome Biblical Commentary, edited by Fathers Raymond Brown, S.J., Joseph Fitzmeyer, S.J., and Roland Meyer, O.Carm., Dr. Scott Hahn's A Father Who Keeps His Promises, and the Teaching Company lecture series and text by Professor Gary Rendsberg. As with the other outlines on this website, this work is intended to present the results of scholarship and historical thinking about the faith in an accessible and engaging fashion to the general public. These particular outlines are organized along the following lines:

Part I – Introduction

Section 1 - The Catholic Approach to Scripture

Section 2 – Overview and Outline of the Pentateuch and the Book of Genesis

Section 3 – The Relationship of Science and the Bible

Part II – Creation and Fall

Section 1 – The Creation Accounts (Genesis 1-2)

Section 2 – The Fall and First Promise of Redemption (Genesis 3)

Part III – From the Fall to Abraham

Section 1 - The Effects of Faith and Sin in the Era Before Noah (Genesis 4-5)

Section 2 – Noah and the Flood (Genesis 5-9)

Section 3 – From Noah to Abraham (Genesis 9-11)

Part IV – The Covenant With Abraham

Section 1 – The Call of Abraham (Genesis 12-14)

Section 2 – The Renewal of the Call of Abraham (Genesis 15-17)

Section 3 – Abraham: His Power and His Limitations (Genesis 18-20)

Part V - From Abraham to Isaac

Section 1 – Abraham and Isaac: Gift and Sacrifice (Genesis 21-23)

Section 2 – The Rise of Isaac: The Covenant Goes to the Next Generation (Genesis 23-25)

Part VI – From Isaac to Jacob

Section 1 – Esau and Jacob: Brothers in Conflict (Genesis 25-26)

Section 2 - The Blessings and Exile Given to Jacob (Genesis 27-28)

Section 3 – Jacob, Laban, Leah and Rachel: Love, Children and Family Feuds (Genesis 29-30)

Section 4 – The Beginning of the Journey Home (Genesis 30-31)

Section 5 – Jacob's Return Home and Reconciliation with Esau (Genesis 31-32)

Part VII – From Jacob and His Sons

Section 1 – Jacob and His Sons, Part I: Descent into Violence (Genesis 33-34)

Section 2 – Jacob and His Sons, Part II: Reestablishment and Return (Genesis 35-36)

Part VIII – The Saga of Joseph

Section 1 – The Trials of Joseph and the Beginning of the Conversion of Judah (Genesis 37-38)

Section 2 - Joseph's Adventures in Egypt (Genesis 39-41)

Section 3 – Joseph and His Brothers Meet Again (Genesis 42-43)

Part IX – The People of God in Egypt

Section 1 – The People of God Move to Egypt (Genesis 44-45)

Section 2 – The People of God in Egypt (Genesis 46-47)

Part X – Jacob's Farewell and Prophesies of the Future (Genesis 48-50)


Genesis Chronology 1: The Line From Abraham Through Seth to the Flood

Genesis Chronology 2: Chronology of Generations From Seth to Abraham and His Family